‘Come over and help....’ Acts 16:9


Our Vision

We have a vision for the town of Ayr and the surrounding county, to see many people reached with the Gospel of Christ and won to faith in Him as Saviour and Lord. We also have a generational vision to see the Church built up with Christian families who love the truth of God preached and applied, and who delight in the simplicity of Biblical Worship. For this reason we are praying that God would send us individuals and families to serve in congregation to the advance of His kingdom.

A Challenge

We invite you to come and help us. To share in this vision and see it realised. If you are in the area already please come along. If you are yet some distance away but looking for what we are seeking to build, why not prayerfully consider a move to the area to work with us, that with the blessing of God a foundation may be laid in the Church here that will endure for many years to come.


Useful Info

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